Cover Reveal: Melinda Clayton’s ‘Entangled Thorns’

The next book I will be reading is Entangled Thorns by Melinda Clayton. I selected this title from Cheap Kindle Books. I was first drawn to the book because of the cover art and the story promises to be a dark mystery about a family’s history.

Here is a synopsis of the book provided by the author:

The infamous Pritchett family of Cedar Hollow, West Virginia was best known for bootlegging, moonshining, and living life on the wrong side of the law. As older daughter Beth Pritchett Sloan describes, “Upon reflection, I supposed at some point throughout the generations Pritchetts must have realized deviance was all they had, and subsequently decided to embrace it as a point of pride. Our neighbors were impoverished and dignified; we were trash, and proud of it.”

In 1984, when Beth was seventeen, her thirteen year old brother Luke died a mysterious death, and Beth and her younger sister Naomi took the next train out of Cedar Hollow, cutting all ties to their family. Over the intervening years Beth worked hard to suppress the demons of her past and create a life of her own, marrying, raising children, and enjoying the comforts of an upper-middle-class lifestyle.

Then an unwelcome letter arrives, threatening to upset the precarious balance Beth has managed to establish. Summoned back to Cedar Hollow and the family she left behind, Beth must risk everything to face the truth about what really happened to her brother Luke that distant summer night.

 –Nighttime Narratives

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