New Cover Reveal! “Love is the Bridge” by Denise Weeks

As I finish up my book review of Melinda Clayton’s superb Entangled Thorns, I am excited to reveal the cover of the next book on my reading list. This book is called Love is the Bridge by Denise Weeks.bridge-cover-final (2) I selected this title from Cheap Kindle Books.

Here is a synopsis of the book provided by the author:

LOVE IS THE BRIDGE is a literary ghost story and a tale of romantic suspense with strong techie elements.
Have you ever considered how vulnerable you are to cyber-attack through your cell phone, Facebook page, e-mail accounts, and even any files that might be accessed by a remote system while you are connected to the Internet? Paige Campbell had never considered that she had anything to worry about until she got the first crank call. By the time her Facebook page is hacked and one of her files changed so that she is suspended from college and accused of plagiarism, she’s beginning to believe that someone–or something–is out to get her. But who could be doing it but a stalker, a hacker, or–as it claims it is, a “Casper”? Can there actually be a “ghost in the machine”?
Alan McConnell doesn’t believe in ghosts and thinks it’s outlandish to claim that his prototypical AI test system (for writing advertising jingles) has become the portal by which a ghost (or at least a paranormal entity, which he also doesn’t believe in) has entered our material plane. But after his studio experiences several problems and strange events, he concludes that there is a hacker with access to his studio, probably the same person behind this “haunting” complained about by his client Paige Campbell.
The young entrepreneur hired Paige to sing radio jingles for his advertising agency, and is determined to help her solve her problem (as well as his own) by catching the hacker. But is it a crafty and cruel programmer they’re dealing with, or a ghost (as it claims) who has mistaken Paige for someone else, and is determined to haunt her until she lifts the curse it believes she has set on it during a previous life? The attraction between Alan and Paige threatens to interfere with their attempts to rid themselves of this problem. Still, they can cope with everything–until the night they’re trapped in the studio with what is either a menacing entity or a clever killer. Or possibly both.
Is code the only thing executing out there on the Web? Exactly how safe are we in cyberspace? Not to get too Phildickian, but the question arises as to what can be real, and just how fragile your reality may be. Paige draws readers into her synaesthetic world and Alan illuminates the techie viewpoint as they attempt to figure out who or what is turning her life upside down–while they try to resist their strong romantic attraction.
The book is a page-turner for those who are into technology, ghosts, stalkers, or music and its many charms (and effects on the physical world), but it’s full of charming banter between Paige and Alan, Paige and her best friend Andi, and Alan with his best friend John. It has amusing moments and isn’t a heavy, panic-inducing doomball.
No explicit sex, not even making out. No serious cussin’. No typos or howlers–no, REALLY! The story is set in Texas, but it could take place anywhere that there’s a Wi-Fi signal connecting people all over the world. Themes include: TRUTH. (Everyone has a personal truth that may not be the same as the universally accepted truth.) ILLUSION: All is not what it seems. Privacy, authenticity, secrets. Grudges damage the one who is holding them, much as acid destroys its container. What goes around comes around. Knowing and being known are paramount in life. To thine own self be true. Music is the song of the universe and everyone/everything vibrates to some sort of frequency. Joe Bob says check it out!

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